Danny's BBQ Sauce
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Danny's BBQ Story

Danny started making his signature BBQ sauce in small batches in a sauce pan in  my kitchen in 1978. He used a variety of ingredients, experimenting with the sauce recipe until he was satisfied with the taste and texture. The compliments came immediately!                                                                                                                                               While working as a city bus driver for the city of Austin, in 1982, Danny started catering. In 1990, he had a full service  trailer built selling BBQ using his own  sauce recipe. Danny became one of the  first three BBQ trailers in Austin with his own sauce!

The sauce flavor became an instant hit with Austin foodies! Each day his patrons became ecstatic about the sauce asking: "Where he get the sauce?" and "Whether he made it himself?" Others would inquire about the ingredients. Many wanted to buy it by the bottle rather than the extra serving cups he offered with their meals. Hence, Danny started making 40 – 50 mason jars of sauce each week, selling them straight from the BBQ trailer.

On more than one occasion, Danny would be propositioned to bottle the sauce and establish distribution with local area grocery stores. His step-brother even praised the sauce quoting,"It was like gold!" Overjoyed by the praise, Danny sought out the process, understanding the process would be timely and expensive to accomplish, even though not affording the means at the time.

Finally in 2015, a full fifteen years after opening and closing two BBQ restaurants, and building a second kitchen on wheels, Danny secured funding from Pflugerville Economic Development Corporation to have his BBQ sauce bottled. After the initial process for funding and getting state documentation was accomplished, he was able to procure 25 cases of sauce, thus starting the praised barbecue sauce brand Danny's BBQ Sauce.